Supervision for counsellors/psychotherapists and professionals in related fields

About me and how I work

I've been supervising since 2014. I'm interested in developing a collegial relationship with supervisees. I aim to create a respectful environment where you can talk freely about and learn from your difficulties and triumphs. This way of working is informed by my training, and my own experience of not being judged but helped by my supervisor to examine experiences for continual - and optimal - improvement.

Supervision often addresses the interface of the professional and personal. Conversations may be about confidence and competency; decision-making; leadership; communication and interpersonal difficulties; barriers to progression etc.

Here is a copy of the Agreement that I tend to discuss with supervisees in a first session. It is information about how I work, including practicalities as well as my policy on upholding confidentiality, data protection and ethics.

Online sessions

You may have read this in other parts of the website: I use voice and video calls (via Zoom) to connect with supervisees.

Trainee therapists (supervisees)

With nearly three years' experience as a trainer on a Counselling BA/Diploma at the Metanoia Institute (Middlesex University) in London, I'm familiar with some of the hurdles of being a trainee, and the work involved.. Notwithstanding how different this terrain may be for each of us.


Per session I charge £75.

Frequency and number of sessions

Many opt for fortnightly sessions. If we are not working on an ongoing basis I prefer to decide together the number of sessions.

Feeling comfortable

I encourage you to 'shop around' to find the right supervisor for you. I believe (and evidence suggests) that the relationship between you and your supervisor is the most important factor in meeting your aims.


I'm available on weekdays; daytime and early evening.