Rakhi Chand Counselling East London

Welcome. My name is Rakhi Chand - I'm a senior accredited psychotherapist. Perhaps you're here because you're confused, down or frustrated. Or maybe something just doesn't feel right but you don't know what. Either way, I'd be happy to help.

I've been practising as a counsellor and psychotherapist for over a decade. I completed an additional qualification to work safely and effectively online in 2015; unsurprisingly, I now work solely this way i.e. via voice or video calls.

I frequently support people through:

  • relationship problems
  • feeling low or depressed
  • anxiety
  • loss - of any form
  • stress
  • a general feeling of dissatisfaction and/or confusion.

Therapy facilitates increased awareness and self-understanding. This 'information' leads to a widening of choices for behaviour and an improved ability to:

  • gain self-confidence and self-esteem
  • live in a more fulfilled way
  • overcome anxiety and depression
  • cope with daily tasks.


I'm constantly adapting to the individual I'm working with, without compromising my core values on the best way to help. Central to my practice also is ongoing - and joint - review of sessions. In my experience both of these elements - adapting to the individual and regular review - support people to get the maximum benefit from therapy.

What Next?

Initial Session

The initial session is for us to see if we could work well together. There is no obligation to continue beyond this. Contact me - I aim to respond within two working days.

In Distress Now?

If you need help urgently and are in the UK please contact the Samaritans or indeed the emergency services (dial 999). If you are not based in the UK you may visit Befrienders International.


I charge £75 per session for individuals and £100 per session for relationship therapy. I'm unable to offer concessions at present I'm afraid.